Adding Domain To Hostgator

Additional domains can be added on Hostgator hosting. Addon domains on Hostgator are available if you have a Baby Plan or better. Before proceeding to the following tutorial, make sure that you have already set the nameservers of your domain on your registrar. After you have done all the setup of your nameservers, we can start adding addon domains on Hostgator.

    1. First step is to log on Hostgator Control Panel. On Hostgator Control Panel, click Addon Domains.

    1. Enter your New Domain Name. Keep in mind that we do not have to add the “www” in front of the domain.

    1. In this example, I will use as my addon domain. Entering ‘’ as my new domain name will automatically populate Subdomain/FTP Username and Document Root.

    1. Set your password for the domain. You can either enter your own password for addon domain or you can use the Password Generator provided by Hostgator.
    2. Click “Add Domain” Button.
    3. When addon domains have been added successfully. You will see a page similar below.

  1. Congratulations! You just added a new domain on Hostgator hosting.
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