Top 5 Reason why Microsoft Purchased Nokia

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services a smart or stupid move? Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services business is billion dollar deals signed a bold step for transformation of new to old. Why the need arises is the question that comes in everybody mind? Let’s look at the reason […]

Bullet Speed by OS X Mavericks

There is no way we could hear another complain from a Mac user in the introduction of OS X Mavericks. This is getting the real blood Mac out of Mac. System designers promised to very loyal patron they have on the most intelligent computer experience in the world. The system […]

LG displays the swing in its Flex

“News spread like fire”, a Buddhist monk commented. Here is a similar application to the medium. Technology people get alarmed when a new brand is marching on the road. But with new and wild ideas introduced as a cutting edge they fly as bees swarming on the petals. Corporations are […]