Top 3 WordPress Recipe Themes

For the past two weeks, I’ve been searching for the best wordpress recipe themes. Below is a list of top 10 wordpress recipe themes. You probably landed on this page looking for recipe themes also. I hope that you find the best wordpress recipe theme that will suit your needs. […]

Using HTC HD2 as your router (TMobile U.S.)

HTC HD2 can be used as wireless router to connect to the internet when there is no Wi-Fi hotspot available around the area. The procedure for setting up your HTC HD2 is relatively easy, but ensure that you have unlimited data plan. Connect your HD2 to your computer with a […]

How to Disable Proxy Settings in Firefox (PC)

Click “Tools” from the menu and select “Options” on the drop-down menu. An Options dialogue box will appear. Select the “Advanced” tab. Click the “Network” tab. Under connection, click the “Settings” button. “Connection Settings” dialogue box will appear. Under “Configure Proxies to Access the Internet”, select “No Proxy”.