How to Create Instagram Account on PC

Several failed attempts to create Instagram account using my phone led me to find a way to create an Instagram account using my pc. Follow the instructions below to install Instagram on PC and make an Instagram accounts on your personal computer.

1. Go to and download the application for your operating system. Bluestack application is available in Windows and MAC. Once downloaded, open the file and you will see a window below. Click Continue button at the bottom right. Bluestacks installation process will begin. Installation process should take approximately 3 to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your computer

2.  Once Bluestack is installed, the application will start up automatically. The next step is to install Instagram app. Click the white magnifying glass icon on the top right corner to search for application.

3. A dialog box will appear. Type instagram in the textbox and click Find. Once the results are shown like below. Click Install on the right of Instagram application.

4. Under the number #1 icon, click the Instagram icon and it will start downloading and installing Instagram application.

5. Go back to Bluestacks main menu and find the newly installed Instagram.

6. You are now ready to register or sign in on Instagram using your personal computer.

7. If you are having any issues with the installation, leave a comment below.

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    is it free?

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