LG displays the swing in its Flex

“News spread like fire”, a Buddhist monk commented. Here is a similar application to the medium. Technology people get alarmed when a new brand is marching on the road. But with new and wild ideas introduced as a cutting edge they fly as bees swarming on the petals. Corporations are willing to go beyond the normal thinking just to get there.

The festive mood at LG’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea seemed evident as journalist from the country’s leading newspapers witnessed the unfolding of the new curved smart phone, the G flex. The company’s newest technology darling captured every conceive dream when we talk on flexibility.

G flex live up to the name attached to it. But hold on and pause for a while. Expect less on this for you might not see those features engineers and technology analysts promised to the consuming public regarding wrist band flexible smart phones. Not yet. We are still waiting to get into that complex and winding road of the scroll shape innovative smart phones.

Its flexible features were put into the test when somebody from the press was encouraged to flatten the phone with all of his force. Instead of breaking, the crescent shape return to its original look after it was released from the reporter’s hand.

What makes it Flexible?

The used of flexible OLED is the reason why LG arrived to that coveted purpose of innovation. A bendable glass was coupled to that organic light emitting diode giving it a perfect bend and flexibility.

Scratch Free Magic

The buying public are eager to line up next week for the smart phones with “self healing” capacity against hair like scratch provided by the plastic covers installed at the back of it.

To prove their point, gouging its back with specialized steel brush instrument, everybody stand in awe as it disappeared within two minutes. Anticipating scratches mostly in the center because of its shape, LG’s engineers on research ensure that the special kind of polymer film would protect its back as it rocks on rugged surface.

Setbacks with its Display

Analyzing the 720-pixel display, one would think this must be less outdated to the regular 1080-pixels premium and high definition screen smart phones already has arrived. However, the huge six inches screen display is commendable.

Introducing the Curve shape Battery

LG Chem , a sister company of LG industrial group develop a curve shape battery matched to its shape. Demonstration of this innovation locates the South Korean technology conglomerates in the technology chart at the top. Mostly, LG Chem retains lone partnership with Samsung and very own LG Electronics through the years.

G Flex understanding on the curves of human face debut the ideas which may be a pattern in the future of curved smart phones.

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