WordPress Basic Security

Lock by Lok Leung. Shared under CC BY-ND license. If you have a WordPress installed on your site, you’ve probably came to a point where you want to secure your site from hackers. In this post I basically compiled a list of tips of what you could do to secure […]

Create Your Own WordPress Shortcodes

Create WordPress Shortcode Follow this simple tutorial to create custom WordPress shortcode. Case Study I wanted to add short information at the end of my post which belongs to, for example, Category A. The project I am working on has many categories but there were only 15 to 20 posts […]

Disable Disqus Comments on WordPress Pages

Disqus is a good comment plugin system for WordPress which I use on all of my sites. Basically, Disqus plugin checks if comments are allowed on posts and pages in your wordpress site. If comments are allowed, Disqus will automatically insert the commenting system. If not, then it will not […]

Top 3 WordPress Recipe Themes

For the past two weeks, I’ve been searching for the best wordpress recipe themes. Below is a list of top 10 wordpress recipe themes. You probably landed on this page looking for recipe themes also. I hope that you find the best wordpress recipe theme that will suit your needs. […]