How To: Install HSPL3 on HD2

So I’ve been running Android Gingerbread on my HD2 for quite a while now and decided not to switch back to WinMo 6.5. I really like Android as my phone operating system due to many free applications available for my phone. In order to install Android Gingerbread on your HD2, you will need to install HSPL3.

Warning: Installing HSPL3 on your HD2 may void your warranty.

Here is the original guide from DarkForces Team. HSPL3 can also be downloaded from the same link. However, if the guide is too complicated for you, follow my guide below.

Note that the guide below assumes that your phone is updated to SPL version 2.10.0000.

1) Download HSPL3 from this link.

2) Connect your HD2 to your computer. Unzip HSPL3 you’ve just downloaded and run the HSPL3_PKG.exe file.

3) After opening HSPL3, it should detect what SPL version you have. From the drop down menu, select 2.08 HSPL then click next. Installation of HSPL3 usually takes about 20 to 30 seconds

4) Upon successful installation of HSPL3, a messagebox will pop up asking “Do you see “we hacked it!” on the device?”. If you do see it on your device, then select yes to confirm.

5) Another messagebox will pop up with a message “Successfully done!”

Thanks to all the developers.

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