Sneak peek of new mackbook pro by Apple

Apple extended the features quality in its laptop this time at a reasonable price. 13.3 inch of the screen has high resolution, all the laptops by Apple ranging in prices from $500-$1999 has unbeatable features and make it harder for Apple technology lovers to choose one for them each time they decided to buy.

This is a new but faster laptop at a recent drop in price of $200. It contains new OS named Mavericks whose design is suitable to save chips through Intel. It also has an advantage of built in macs.

New pro laptop is very technical. The battery life is long and can even group many large tasks to make it easier to manage. The processor is fit to use at low power for longer times also. It is providing long 13 hours of working on word processing and spreadsheets.

It does not have same retina screens like other models which is fine because of its differentiation and better working ability. You can test and feel the difference having better screen quality by using text message section which allows you to see clear and sharper letters and the videos running is smarter and finer. There are pixels to make characters yourself for a paperback book appearance which is showing four times more pixels than other models for same purpose, Apple make it without retina but with revolutionary blasting.

Graphics from Intel will also appear faster than before. Typing is razor sharp for the developing of documents. Advance and worthy HD quality motion is best in it to view. Dual core and quad core of fourth generation is maintaining the processing in it with PCIe flash storage and Thunderbolt2. It is thin and light to take your browsing and gathered history in your hand to your office. This is not only perfect for personal use but also for official items.

The same thing is also made by them named Nvidia graphics processor in 15 inches of model at the price of $2,599 with greater performance. Its each pixel has powerful storage. The two versions of 13 and 15 inches of screens have different prices $1299 &$1999 accordingly. It has brought stunning display with millions of pixels; pixels are the main element of this pro laptop. Experience of photos is wonderful with highest level of clarity.

There are three times more speed and wide range of Wi-Fi routers. To save your money go for windows counterpart models under $1000. The mac models are higher in price and also in technology. The tasks are not complex as you think. The streaming and editing of videos are allowed too. The building of model all around is fabulous. It is a must buy!

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