8.3 tablet pad by LG, smartest new source of fun

83 tablet by lg

8.3 inches tablets are rarely seen in the technology market, LG recently introduced it with pride. The length of about 21 centimeters is not common in tablets PC as other companies and competitors have distinct sizes of pads.

This tablet by LG is offering high resolution screen to watch all the fun and perform all of your favorite browsing tasks without any picture quality compromises.

Tablets are better than android phones and giving good apps to play with within seconds. It has many features with better screen to use and is an outright choice for anyone who is thinking of buying a fine quality tablet.

1,920×1,200p pixels resolution of screen will give high definition videos sight; all this is enough for its price of about 350 US dollars as a starting price in the market of United States which is cheaper than other tablets of same feature list.

It is your choice to pick the call that comes to your phone through the running of your tablet while on command a text message can also be sent quickly by rejecting a call. When you are busy operate your text messages with your tablet use. The feature is limited to one message and only text message. But this is still greatly amazing. Initiation of any kind of messages is also not allowed.

You might not need a phone at your relaxing time but only a tablet to use. No need of using many gadgets at a time now, your activities on the tablet will stay as it is while allowing you to give benefits of using a phone.   It has everything a busy person wants. There are lots of apps to enjoy with. The tablet is full of communication apps similarly like any other brand pads in competition.

There is a system which joins you with two devices at the same time through Bluetooth and sync QuickMemos or screenshots. The operation of processes is done both by a stylus or your finger. Finger is always accessible if you do not have mood to buy because it comes separately.

All features of other tablets are present in it. Do not worry about checking your social groups and chats. It contains a slider too and its use is to keep three apps working simultaneously when one is in full color and rest of the two is in semi transparent form. Apps slide one by one with a slight touch and shifts like a drawer, 8 apps can be added in that sliding list. You can switch only 8 apps which is a big deal to enjoy with. Buy one piece for you and dive within the world of latest technology.

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